Other Processing Options

Cube Steak $0.75/lb

Stew Meat $0.75/lb

Hamburger Patties $0.75/lb

1 Steak per package $0.02/lb

Dried Beef $2.49/lb

Summer Sausage/Bologna/Salami $2.49/lb

Hot Dogs $3.59/lb

Lindo Farms, LLC

Processing Fees

Cutting & Packaging

All of our beef is processed at Swank's Meats in St. Croix Falls, WI.  After the beef are transported to Swanks, the buyer will fill out a cutting order sheet and contact the butcher with their desired cutting order.  Swank's will contact the buyer when the cutting order is completed and is ready for pick up.  The buyer will pay Swank's in full at the time of pick up. EBT and Credit Cards accepted at Swank's Meats.

Beef Sales

Grain Fed Beef Price Guide

$2.99 per pound based on Hanging Weight

includes Basic Processing Costs

The beef cattle are priced at $2.99 per pound based on hanging weights at Swank's Meats.  Payment is to be made to Swank's Meats at time of pick up.