How do I place an order for a quarter or half beef?


Do you use implants or hormones on the beef animals?

No implants or hormones are used on the animals.

Are your cows grass fed?

Our beef cattle are fed some grass, but not exclusively.  Our beef are fed corn, soybeans and hay, which are all grown on the farm.  We are not selling the beef as organic.


How much meat will I get and what is the total investment?

Hanging weights average 200-220 lbs per Quarter.

Typically, 65% of your hanging weight is what you bring home.

You can contact us through this website if you're interested in ordering a Quarter of Beef.  Sample Quarter is pictured below.  This particular Quarter was on the large side - 219.5 lbs Hanging Weight.  219.5 x $3.00 = $658.50 is for the beef.  This is paid prior to beef pick up at Swank's.  The processing costs are paid at pick up at Swank's Meats.  Cutting orders can be intimidating.  If you have just one question or have never filled out a cutting order before, we can walk you through the cutting order, answering questions and suggesting different options based on your family size and what you're looking for.  The cutting order for this particular Quarter is also pictured below.   

I'd like to order a Quarter of Beef, but I have no idea how much meat that is or how to fill out a cutting order...??

Lindo Farms, LLC

Beef Sales

Grain Fed Beef Questions

1. Contact us for a cutting order form or find one under "pricing" on this webpage.

2. We will email you a cutting order form and answer any questions that you have.

3. Return the cutting order form to us.  This will get your beef reserved for the next available processing date. 

Beef will not be reserved unless we have a cutting order form.

4. After your beef go in for processing, we will update you with the hanging weight and your beef cost.

5. Swank's Meats will contact you when your beef is ready for pick up.

6. You will pay for your beef processing at Swank's at time of pick up.

*you can email the completed form to:   

---  PLEASE make sure that we confirm that we received your cutting order.